Thanks to online consultation…
3000 people did not have to travel

Dr. Rajan TD

Lockdown has brought some hidden benefits to doctors as well as patients. It was very disturbing to think that with the clinics shut and phones ringing how my patients could connect with me.  One morning I woke up and realised that the only way to connect to people who need me is through my website www.drrajantd.com which was lagging behind. With the help of my son, I inserted a CONSULT ONLINE button, created a form which people could fill up in simple words and send to me with photographs. Where required a video-consultation could be arranged.


Fortunately, the Medical Council of India (now renamed NMC) has permitted online consultation from 25.3.2020 unlike in the past when I would only give “friendly” advice to my existing patients.

The good news is that from the time I started, I was able to help 1200 people to do online consultation and treatment. Some of them have done online repeat follow up also working out to an average of 2-3 per patient in the last few months. Therefore 2.5 x 1200 = approx. 3000 people were kept off the roads and the harassment of travelling during the pandemic. Only 4/1035 needed to visit the clinic for personal examination.

The entire process of online consultation takes no more than 3 minutes to enter details and upload photos and reports. I am happy that our medical systems are maturing and doctors like me are able to help people from their homes. I wish more doctors adopt the new technology so that our services are available to a wider population within less time.