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Do Soaps Enhance Beauty?


Skin Allergy & Soap

People prone to skin allergy should avoid soaps containing too many chemicals.  Now, how does one know the exact composition of a bar of soap?  It may be easier to reach the moon than try to get its composition from any manufacturer. 


People tend to think that their skin disease can be scrubbed away with medicated soap but it only aggravates the condition.


Therefore, if you are allergic to several skin creams and lotions, avoid using medicated soap. Besides, soaps should not be vigorously rubbed into the skin if there is even an doubtful sign of injury or rash.

About Dr Rajan TD

Dr. Rajan T.D. is an alumnus of Mumbai University and practices as a Specialist in Skin & STD at Andheri (Mumbai) since 1991. He had been a Lecturer at K.B.Bhabha Hospital before venturing into private practice. He has been practising in the north-west suburbs of Mumbai and is now busy running two clinics in Andheri.



Skin expert

He is an expert in all skin diseases, diseases of hair, nails and sexually transmitted diseases. He is a keen listener and allows his patients to communicate. Most skin diseases require Counselling as they are chronic and sometimes, disfiguring causing tremendous anxiety. Dr. Rajan takes his responsibility very seriously and explains in detail to his patients about how to cope with them even if cure is slow to come.


The writer

Dr. Rajan regularly writes in various websites and periodicals on several social issues as well as those relating to the pharmaceutical industry. He was the Souvenir Editor for Asian Dermatology Congress 2016. He has authored a chapter in the Textbook of Cosmetic Dermatology: A Practical and Evidence-Based Approach and has several publications in numerous websites, newspapers and periodicals. He simplifies complex skin disorders into simple language making it easy for the reader to understand their disease.


The teacher

He regularly lectures doctors on skin and sexually transmitted diseases.  In addition he advises Pharmaceutical industries on drug development, promotion and marketing strategies. He believes, education of the general public is the key to successful treatment of skin disorders.


The social worker

Dr. Rajan is a Hon. Consultant to Larsen & Toubro Ltd, Air India and ONGC. It would surprise many to know that Dr Rajan TD has been running a skin OPD run by Larsen & Toubro Ltd. at Andheri for two hours every Tuesday since 1991. He has treated over 60,000 patients free of charge at the centre. 

He is associated with various charitable institutions which treat physically and mentally disabled children.

Spare a thought for the Physician in the Covid clinic. Dermatologists are the lucky ones.