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Has Mankind Finally Met God?


Dr Rajan TDs analysis on Covid got a homepage coverage on April 12, 2020 in the popular Online magazine Complete Wellbeing

Are doctors creating
unnecessary panic about Covid? 

NO. Covid-19 is as complex a virus today as it was in the last year. Scientists are working hard to come out with some clear answers. Till then we have to accept it as a game of chance. However, there is ONE important point all of us should not ignore: Taking precaution to prevent getting infected or giving infection to others is MANDATORY as we do not want to clog up hospital beds even though we will recover and come back in a few days.

Give it a thought" With Covid patients occupying all hospital beds and ICU, imagine what will happen to our dear ones if there is a fracture or a heart attack or a simple appendix surgery and no hospital in the city is available for admission.

Besides, I cannot explain the stress doctors managing Emergency Wards in hospitals are going through. Try to imagine that beds are limited and if a covid patient is admitted, the adjoining gastro patietn has to be shifted somewhere else.... where does he go.

SO it is an alarming situation. For the general public ignorance is bliss but for the people in the eye of the storm, it is a nightmare. I may have sounded depressing but I am one of the lucky doctors NOT to be in that scenario and can tap away at my computer comfortably.

DR Rajan TD

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Should you rush to get the vaccine ?


Thanks to online consultation…
2600 people did not have to travel


Skin Allergy & Soap

People prone to skin allergy should avoid soaps containing too many chemicals.  Now, how does one know the exact composition of a bar of soap?  It may be easier to reach the moon than try to get its composition from any manufacturer. 


People tend to think that their skin disease can be scrubbed away with medicated soap but it only aggravates the condition.


Therefore, if you are allergic to several skin creams and lotions, avoid using medicated soap. Besides, soaps should not be vigorously rubbed into the skin if there is even an doubtful sign of injury or rash.

Finally, Covid vaccine is here in India. On the morning of 16th January 2021 Prime Minister Narendra Modiji flagged off one of the most eagerly awaited events of recent times. Little did we realise when he addressed the nation on March 19,2020 that it would take so many months to get a grip on that trivial particle of inactivated coronavirus which will, hopefully, provide us sufficient immunity.

Today 350 days later, thanks to our own Indiagenous (pun, intended) developers like Serum Institute of India and Bharat Biotech International Limited we have two varieties of vaccine. It must be emphasised that they have done a remarkable job to try and bring the pandemic to a quicker end. Of course, there are miles to go even now because ultimately, the proof of the pudding is in the eating. Only after a few lakhs of people are vaccinated and few months elapse, we will really know how we manage to curtail the gallop of the coronavirus in India.

Don’t rush

Should we rush and get the vaccine. In my opinion, no. Let the government roll out its protocol so that we have some order in the system. The Ministry of Health and Family Welfare of the Central government has prepared a sequence for delivering the vaccine to certain categories of people in sequence so that such a mammoth task does not meet with obstacles in delivery. Remember it is as massive an exercise like holding the general elections. In fact it is much worse: once the votes are cast the voter and the candidate go home safely. In this case the government has a dual responsibility of keeping a watch on the vaccinated individual to ensure that there are no short term or long term adverse effects.

Hurriedly pushing to get ahead in the vaccine queue may turn out to be counterproductive if sadly, the virus wears a new cap and reappears in a new avatar!

Is it a magic vaccine

No. It is one of the methods to try and weaken the virus IF it enters our body. It may help the society build up our defence system to oppose any attack by coronavirus. Since it is a new disease, we do not know how effective it really is but we have no choice but to trust the process and help the world by trying to weaken this virus which appears to invade like an alien and for mankind it is nothing less than World War III. We need to join forces to defeat this war.

Cannot be a scam

So, is the government wrong in bringing out a vaccine which some people feel is a hurried exercise with an eye on profits? It would be a huge mistake to think in that direction, particularly when we are aware that this is a new chapter not only for the government but also for the great pandits of medical science across the globe. Such a killer disease has not been seen by our generation and no single disaster – manmade or natural – has ever stopped the world. It is as if the globe stopped spinning and everyone from America to Zimbabwe and Ambani to Zuckerberg were caught with their charter flights grounded. The common man on the street could not even be in the street! In this scenario it is but natural that researchers stay up all night and develop a vaccine, which they did in good faith. Let us give the manufacturers and the government a chance and hope that it works out well for the whole of humanity.

Can I throw away the mask

No. Despite the vaccine, the mask will stay and so will hand sanitisation and social distancing. The vaccine does not provide instant immunity from Covid-19. 14 days after the second dose of the vaccine the immune system will be ready for the battle. So keep your mask on and learn to smite behind it.


The vaccine is being manufactured and distributed in large numbers across the country, so everyone who needs it will get it. So, there is no need to rush for it. Therefore, please wait for your turn and let your turn arrive.


Till then eat, drink and be merry. For tomorrow you may diet!

Dr Rajan TD

I.T. Department springs a pleasant surprise


Last week I was pleasantly surprised to get an email from the Income Tax office sending me a pdf document stating that they appreciate and HONOUR honest taxpayer and advised me to insert my photo at the bottom and post it on social media.


The common man is generally critical of the way Indian government departments function but here was a pleasant surprise from them. I am sure many of you must have got it.

We quietly (and sometimes, noisily) pay taxes but we do not even know if someone at the other end is noticing it. This is more pronounced when we encounter sluggish officials, cumbersome procedures for public services, potholed roads, crashing bridges, drug shortages, burning pediatric wards and non-functional scan machines in government hospitals.

Let us hope all other departments of the government also will pull out some rabbits out of their hats and show us better functioning so that the honest Taxpayer is Truly Honoured!!!

Dr Rajan T D

About Dr Rajan TD

Dr. Rajan T.D. is an alumnus of Mumbai University and practices as a Specialist in Skin & STD at Andheri (Mumbai) since 1991. He had been a Lecturer at K.B.Bhabha Hospital before venturing into private practice. He has been practising in the north-west suburbs of Mumbai and is now busy running two clinics in Andheri.



Skin expert

He is an expert in all skin diseases, diseases of hair, nails and sexually transmitted diseases. He is a keen listener and allows his patients to communicate. Most skin diseases require Counselling as they are chronic and sometimes, disfiguring causing tremendous anxiety. Dr. Rajan takes his responsibility very seriously and explains in detail to his patients about how to cope with them even if cure is slow to come.


The writer

Dr. Rajan regularly writes in various websites and periodicals on several social issues as well as those relating to the pharmaceutical industry. He was the Souvenir Editor for Asian Dermatology Congress 2016. He has authored a chapter in the Textbook of Cosmetic Dermatology: A Practical and Evidence-Based Approach and has several publications in numerous websites, newspapers and periodicals. He simplifies complex skin disorders into simple language making it easy for the reader to understand their disease.


The teacher

He regularly lectures doctors on skin and sexually transmitted diseases.  In addition he advises Pharmaceutical industries on drug development, promotion and marketing strategies. He believes, education of the general public is the key to successful treatment of skin disorders.


The social worker

Dr. Rajan is a Hon. Consultant to Larsen & Toubro Ltd, Air India and ONGC. It would surprise many to know that Dr Rajan TD has been running a skin OPD run by Larsen & Toubro Ltd. at Andheri for two hours every Tuesday since 1991. He has treated over 60,000 patients free of charge at the centre. 

He is associated with various charitable institutions which treat physically and mentally disabled children.

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